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Table 1 Frequency of definitions for predisposition utilised within the included papers

From: Current epidemiological evidence for predisposition to high or low intensity human helminth infection: a systematic review

Definition of predisposition No. of papersa
Consistently infected at multiple time points 11
Consistent high intensity infections at multiple time points 9
Pre-treatment infection status as predictor for future infection 6
Pre-treatment intensity of infection amongst those infected post-treatment 4
Clustering of high-intensity infections within households 3
Consistent high intensity infections amongst family members 2
Consistently infected at same intensity level across multiple time points 2
Association between pre-treatment and post-treatment worm burdens 1
Clustering of infections within households 1
Consistently high intensity infections within families at multiple time points 1
Correlation between pre-treatment infection/intensity and reinfection intensity 1
Familial aggregation of re-infection 1
Individual predisposition 1
Ratio of proportion predicted to be infected and observed proportion 1
Trend in reinfection with increasing pre-treatment intensity 1
Whether those heavily infected at baseline were more likely to be infected at follow-up 1
  1. aTotal may exceed 43 due to some papers using multiple definitions