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Table 4 German samples used for molecular typing and dates of sampling

From: Co-circulation of different A. phagocytophilum variants within cattle herds and possible reservoir role for cattle

Bovine ID Dates of positive samples used for typing Time span between the two positive results
First sampling date (year/month/day) Second sampling date (year/month/day)
BV34 2010/10/17 na na
BV46 2011/05/22 2011/08/21 3 months
BV49 2011/05/19 na na
BV57 2011/06/04 na na
BV58 2011/05/17 2011/07/09 1.5 months
BV61 2011/06/22 2011/07/09 3 weeks
  1. Abbreviation: na not applicable