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Fig. 2

From: Cysteine peptidases of Eudiplozoon nipponicum: a broad repertoire of structurally assorted cathepsins L in contrast to the scarcity of cathepsins B in an invasive species of haematophagous monogenean of common carp

Fig. 2

Collapsed phylogram showing relationships between E. nipponicum cathepsins L and cathepsins L of other selected organisms. Collapsed unrooted maximum-likelihood tree of selected E. nipponicum cathepsins L inferred using the best-fit model (LG + C60 + G). Leaves of related organisms are collapsed. Ultrafast bootstrap supports and posterior probabilities are shown where ultrafast bootstrap is ≥ 50 or posterior probability ≥ 0.9. Maximum support (100/1.0) is indicated by a black circle

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