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Fig. 5

From: Cysteine peptidases of Eudiplozoon nipponicum: a broad repertoire of structurally assorted cathepsins L in contrast to the scarcity of cathepsins B in an invasive species of haematophagous monogenean of common carp

Fig. 5

pH optima of rEnCLs and rEnCB activities, and the effect of inhibitors on enzyme activities. Activity assays were performed in 50 mM/100 mM CPB with 2 mM DTT at pH 3–8. Inhibition assays were run at the pH optima of the particular enzymes. The values are expressed as the percentage of maximum activity in the sample without inhibitor. 1, yrEnCL1; 2, yrEnCL3; 3, yrEnCB; 4, yrEnCB. a pH optima of endopeptidase (1–3) and exopeptidase (4) activities. b inhibition assays with FR substrate. c inhibition assays with LR substrate (1–2) and RR substrate (3). The inhibitors (10 μM) are indicated in the graphs above the columns: E-64, general irreversible inhibitor of clan CA cysteine peptidases; iCL, reversible peptide inhibitor of cathepsin L; CA-074, irreversible inhibitor of cathepsin B

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