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Fig. 6

From: Cysteine peptidases of Eudiplozoon nipponicum: a broad repertoire of structurally assorted cathepsins L in contrast to the scarcity of cathepsins B in an invasive species of haematophagous monogenean of common carp

Fig. 6

SDS-PAGE of protein substrates degraded by recombinant EnCL1, EnCL3 and EnCB. Prior to electrophoresis in 12% polyacrylamide gel, the enzymes were incubated overnight with various protein substrates in 50 mM/100 mM CPB pH 4.5 containing 2 mM DTT. a Bovine serum albumin. b Bovine haemoglobin. c Human IgG. d Human type I collagen. e Human fibrinogen. Lane 1: controls (substrates without enzyme); Lane 2: yrEnCL1; Lane 3: yrEnCL3; 4: yrEnCB. Gels were stained with Coomassie Brilliant Blue

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