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Fig. 8

From: Cysteine peptidases of Eudiplozoon nipponicum: a broad repertoire of structurally assorted cathepsins L in contrast to the scarcity of cathepsins B in an invasive species of haematophagous monogenean of common carp

Fig. 8

Immunolocalisation of EnCL1, EnCL3, and EnCB on histological sections of adult worms. Longitudinal sections of E. nipponicum adult; anterior part of the worm’s body is shown. EnCL1, reaction with anti-brEnCL1 antibodies; EnCL3, anti-pro-yrEnCL3 antibodies; EnCB, anti-yrEnCB antibodies. a Red fluorescence (Alexa Fluor 568 goat anti-mouse IgG) of the labelled secondary antibody in a dark field. b Merged picture of bright field view, red antibody fluorescence, and blue DAPI fluorescence. c Higher magnification of b. Reaction of antibodies raised against brEnCL1 and yrEnCL3 takes place in the lumen of the gut. Reaction of antibodies raised against yrEnCB takes place in the vesicular structures within vitelline cells. Control, pre-immune mouse sera in the order EnCL1 (a), EnCL3 (b), EnCB (c); merged picture of bright field view, red and blue fluorescence. No reaction with any of the control sera was detected

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