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Table 1 Timing of the different T&T control scenarios in relation to the additional costs

From: Integrated cost-benefit analysis of tsetse control and herd productivity to inform control programs for animal African trypanosomiasis

Intervention phase Preparation phase Attack phase Maintenance phase
Scenario No. of years No. of years Technique (elimination) No. of years Technique (barrier)
C1 0 2 ITC and targets 8 ITC
C2 Targets
Z1 2 2 Targets 6 ITC
Z2 Targets
Z3 2 1 SAT 7 ITC
Z4 Targets
Costs incurred Overheads + monitoring costs Overheads + attack field costs + barrier field costs + monitoring costs Overheads + barrier field costs + monitoring costs
  1. Abbreviations: ITC insecticide treatment of cattle, SAT, sequential aerial treatment