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Table 4 Detailed control costs incurred in Faro et Déo and Mambwe districts over the 10-year projection period, in USD per km2 infested except otherwise indicated

From: Integrated cost-benefit analysis of tsetse control and herd productivity to inform control programs for animal African trypanosomiasis

Study areas Faro et Déo Mambwe
Field costs SAT na 506
ITC (excl. barrier) 151 na
Targets (excl. barrier) 365 448
ITC (for barrier) (US$ per km2 barrier) 618 735
Targets (for barrier) (US$ per km2 barrier) 1559 1792
Monitoring costs (US$ per km2 district) 87 80
Administrative overheads 196 166
Scenarios C0 C1 C2 Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4
Total discounted control costs (per km2 infested)a 680 1184 1768 735 898 799 960
  1. aFor Faro et Déo the total discounted control costs do not include the costs carried over from the baseline control programme
  2. Abbreviation: na not applicable