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Table 3 Differences in nucleotides and amino acids at the cox1 and nad1 loci of E. canadensis G10 between the sequences from Yak_GS (MG597240) and a cystic echinococcosis patient of NE China (KJ663947)

From: Mitochondrial genome data confirm that yaks can serve as the intermediate host of Echinococcus canadensis (G10) on the Tibetan Plateau

Gene GenBank ID No. of mutations (% similarity) Codon (amino acid)/Nucleotide positiona
cox1 KJ663947 2 (99.75) TAT (Y)/425; GGA(G)/888
MG597240 TGT (C)/425; GGG(G)/888
nad1 KJ663949 5 (99.36) GGC (G)/117; AGC (S)/207; GGT (G)/231; GTG (V)/315; TGG (W)/522
MG597240 GGT (G)/117; AGT (S)/207; GGC (G)/231; GTA (V)/315; TGT (C)/522
  1. Abbreviations: Y tyrosine, G glycine, C cysteine, S serine, V valine, W tryptophan
  2. aNucleotide position numbers based on AB745463, with the beginnings of the coding region of the cox1 and nad1 loci as position no. 1, respectively