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Fig. 3 | Parasites & Vectors

Fig. 3

From: Descriptions of Mikrocytos veneroïdes n. sp. and Mikrocytos donaxi n. sp. (Ascetosporea: Mikrocytida: Mikrocytiidae), detected during important mortality events of the wedge clam Donax trunculus Linnaeus (Veneroida: Donacidae), in France between 2008 and 2011

Fig. 3

Histological haematoxylin eosin tissue sections showing mantle lesions of Donax trunculus infected with Mikrocytos donaxi n. sp. parasites from Audierne Bay. a Diffuse necrosis of muscular fibres (arrows) and connective tissue (arrowheads) of the mantle infected with microcell parasites b Degenerated haemocytes (arrows) and muscular cell necrosis (arrowhead) associated with microcell parasites (asterisks). c Mikrocytos donaxi n. sp. inside a myocyte (arrow). Scale-bars: a, 100 μm; b, c, 20 μm

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