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Fig. 5

From: Descriptions of Mikrocytos veneroïdes n. sp. and Mikrocytos donaxi n. sp. (Ascetosporea: Mikrocytida: Mikrocytiidae), detected during important mortality events of the wedge clam Donax trunculus Linnaeus (Veneroida: Donacidae), in France between 2008 and 2011

Fig. 5

Phylogenetic tree (50% majority-rule consensus) using Bayesian Inference (MrBayes 3.1.2) based on the small subunit ribosomal gene of Mikrocytos. Numbers at the nodes are Bayesian posterior probabilities. Paramikrocytos canceri was used as the outgroup for Mikrocytos spp. based on the results of Hartikainen et al. [5]. Asterisks indicate sequences obtained in this study

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