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Fig. 2

From: The Entamoeba histolytica TBP and TRF1 transcription factors are GAAC-box binding proteins, which display differential gene expression under different stress stimuli and during the interaction with mammalian cells

Fig. 2

EhTRF1 and EhTBP are GAAC-box binding proteins (GBPs). a EMSA using the GAAC-box. Formation of rEhTRF1-GAAC and rEhTBP-GAAC complexes was competed by the unlabeled GAAC-box and TATTTAAA-box (Lanes 3 and 4, and 8 and 9, respectively). b EMSA using the GAAC-like box. The rEhTBP or rEhTRF1 with GAAC-like box forming complex (Lanes 2 and 6). Specific competition with 200-fold molar excess of unlabeled probe (Lanes 3 and 7) or unspecific competition with poly(dI-dC) or (dA-dT)18 mer oligonucleotide (Lanes 4 and 8, and Lanes 5 and 9, respectively). c, d Mutated GAAC-box was unable to compete the formation of rEhTRF1-GAAC-box and rEhTBP-GAAC-box complexes (Lane 4). e, f Quantification of the GAAC-box protein complexes as a function of increasing concentrations of rEhTRF1 (e) or rEhTBP (f) by EMSA experiments

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