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Fig. 2

From: A novel progesterone receptor membrane component (PGRMC) in the human and swine parasite Taenia solium: implications to the host-parasite relationship

Fig. 2

Specific detection of the progesterone-binding protein in Taenia solium cysticerci by flow cytometry. FACS analysis in T. solium cysticercus cells showed the PGRMC expression. In untreated cysticerci used as controls, very few cells presented a low immuno-fluorescent signal, whereas P4-treated cysticerci showed few cells with high immunofluorescent signal related to the receptor expressed in the parasite. a Size and complexity of T. solium cells. b PGRMC expression on T. solium cells. c PGRMC expression on T. solium cells after P4 stimulation. Solid lines show un-stained cells in all cases. Dotted lines correspond to unspecific staining of the secondary antibody and long-dashed lines correspond to the specific staining of PGRMC

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