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Table 1 Environmental variables used to model the potential distribution of Lutzomya (N.) whitmani and American cutaneous leishmaniasis in Brazil. All variables were resampled from original resolution to 0.04° (~5 km), using the average value of all involved pixels, where the source pixels are covered by the target pixel

From: Environmental suitability for Lutzomyia (Nyssomyia) whitmani (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae) and the occurrence of American cutaneous leishmaniasis in Brazil

Environmental variable Acronym WorldClim Acronym Source
Annual mean temperature AMT BIO1 WorldClim [23]
Mean temperature of wettest quarter MTWEQ BIO8
Mean temperature of driest quarter MTDQ BIO9
Mean temperature of warmest quarter MTWAQ BIO10
Mean temperature of coldest quarter MTCQ BIO11
Annual precipitation AP BIO12
Precipitation of wettest quarter PWQ BIO16
Precipitation of driest quarter PDQ BIO17
Altitude - digital elevation model ALT Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (
MODIS normalized difference vegetation index-32 day composites-Oct/15 - Nov/15/2004. Date of the composite represents well the contrast between forest and open formations. NDVI Global land cover facility (