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Fig. 1

From: The role of the peritrophic matrix and red blood cell concentration in Plasmodium vivax infection of Anopheles aquasalis

Fig. 1

Morphology of An. aquasalis midguts after normal and chitinase-containing blood meals. Histology (a) and SEM (c) of An. aquasalis midguts 24 h after a normal blood meal. The thick PM is visible isolating the midgut epithelium from the partially digested blood meals. Similar histology (b) and SEM (d) of An. aquasalis midguts 24 h after a chitinase-containing blood meal. The PM is absent inside the midgut, and the blood meal is in direct contact with the epithelium. Abbreviations: PM, peritrophic matrix; Ep, epithelium; Blood, blood meal. Scale-bars: a-d, 50 μm

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