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Table 2 Significantly enriched functions in the C. parvum intracellular transcriptome based on the analysis of 100 genes with the highest FPKM values

From: Transcriptome analysis of pig intestinal cell monolayers infected with Cryptosporidium parvum asexual stages

Category Term Gene count Fold enrich. Bonferronia Benjaminia FDRa
UP_KEYWORDS Ribosomal protein 69 33.01 1.09E-106 1.09E-106 3.34E-105
UP_KEYWORDS Ribonucleoprotein 69 26.80 1.88E-95 9.40E-96 5.77E-94
GOTERM_MF_DIRECT GO:0003735~structural constituent of ribosome 66 17.70 8.23E-93 8.23E-93 3.24E-91
GOTERM_BP_DIRECT GO:0006412~translation 64 10.83 1.66E-75 1.66E-75 7.35E-74
KEGG_PATHWAY cpv03010: Ribosome 69 7.38 1.67E-72 1.67E-72 9.46E-71
GOTERM_CC_DIRECT GO:0005840~ribosome 57 14.52 3.65E-69 3.65E-69 2.50E-67
INTERPRO IPR008991: Translation protein SH3-like domain 7 24.82 7.81E-06 7.81E-06 5.00E-05
INTERPRO IPR011332: Ribosomal protein, zinc-binding domain 6 28.36 5.23E-05 2.61E-05 3.35E-04
INTERPRO IPR014722: Ribosomal protein L2 domain 2 6 28.36 5.23E-05 2.61E-05 3.35E-04
GOTERM_CC_DIRECT GO:0015935~small ribosomal subunit 6 12.99 2.06E-04 1.03E-04 0.01
GOTERM_CC_DIRECT GO:0015934~large ribosomal subunit 5 17.32 3.73E-04 1.24E-04 0.03
  1. aSignificant values are italicized