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Fig. 8

From: Identification, characterization and heparin binding capacity of a spore-wall, virulence protein from the shrimp microsporidian, Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP)

Fig. 8

EhSWP1-HBM mutants fail to bind to heparin beads. a SDS-PAGE gel showing input proteins EhSWP1 WT, EhSWP1(B→G) and EhSWP1(B→S) (black arrow) with molecular weights of 27 kDa, 26 kDa and 26 kDa, respectively. b SDS-PAGE gel showing elution fractions after incubation with heparin sepharose beads and revealing that only EhSWP1 WT (black arrow) was captured and eluted from the beads. Lower panels (indicated as WB) are western blots probed with anti-EhSWP1 antibody to confirm protein identity as EhSWP1 (black arrows)

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