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Table 2 Shared pfap2mu mutations observed in the isolates from the three sites. Mutations indicated in bold are known delayed clearance genotypes, underlined nucleotides are the changed bases

From: Prevalence of Plasmodium falciparum delayed clearance associated polymorphisms in adaptor protein complex 2 mu subunit (pfap2mu) and ubiquitin specific protease 1 (pfubp1) genes in Ghanaian isolates

Nucleotide position Nucleotide change Amino acid position and change
446 CAG to CGG Q149R
479 AGT to AAT S160N
481 GTG to AAG V161K
482 GTG to GAG V161E
504 GAT to GAA D168E
564 AGA to AGG R188R
607 GAT to TAT D203Y
607, 608 GAT to TTT D203F
616 GAA to TAA E206a
705 ACA to ACG T235T
718 AAT to TAT N240Y
767 AAG to TAG K256a
789 GAT to GTT D263V
810 GTA to GTT V270V
852 GGA to GGG G284G
855 AAG to GAG K285E
951 AAC to AGC N317S
954 ACA to ACC T318T
  1. aStop codon