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Table 2 Tick-borne pathogens from the six positive cats and their similarity with sequences deposited in the GenBank database

From: Molecular detection of Anaplasma bovis, Ehrlichia canis and Hepatozoon felis in cats from Luanda, Angola

Primer Closest GenBank accession Percent identity (no. of cats)a Agent Sample ID New GenBank accessions
E.c 16S-fwd/E.c 16S-rev KX987326 100 (1) Ehrlichia canis 017 na
KX987326 100 (1) Ehrlichia canis 053 na
KX987326 99 (1b) Ehrlichia canis 002 na
E.c 16S-fwd/E.c 16S-rev + EHR16SD/EHR16SR KY425447 99 (1) Anaplasma bovis 026 MG431981
Piroplasmid-F/Piroplasmid-R KY649442 100 (1) Hepatozoon felis 063 MG386484
KY649443 100 (1) Hepatozoon felis 056 MG386483
KY649443 99 (1b) Hepatozoon felis 002 MG386482
  1. Abbreviations: na not available, as sequences < 200 bp cannot be deposited in GenBank (see also Additional file 1: Table S1)
  2. aOnly sequence identity ≥ 97% was considered as positive
  3. bSame animal