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Fig. 2

From: Spherical Body Protein 2 truncated copy 11 as a specific Babesia bovis attenuation marker

Fig. 2

Protein expression quantitation of SBP2t11 by densitometry and ELISA. a SBP2t11 expression in Txvir and Txatt strains. Controls include the peptide used to generate antibody, uninfected red blood cells (uRBC) and as loading control MSA-1 protein expression. Pre-immune rabbit sera (1:1000) were used as a control in Panel (a). b Expression levels of SBP2t11:MSA-1. The ratios were calculated by densitometry analysis performed on the 17 kDa-SBP2t11 and the 42 kDa MSA-1 bands. Three biological replicates of protein lysates of Txvir and Txatt B. bovis strains were used to run three independent western blots. Band intensity was measured and analyzed using Alphaimager system and software (Cell Biosciences). The intensity of the 17 kDa bands was normalized to the MSA-1 protein expression. c Expression levels of SBP2t11: MSA-1 by indirect ELISA. The levels of expression of SBP2t11 and MSA-1 in protein lysates from in vitro cultures were tested using an anti-SBP2t11 and anti-MSA-1 antibodies in Txvir and Txatt by ELISA. Expression of SBP2t11 was normalized to the MSA-1 protein expression. The graphs represent the mean of three independent samples and the SEM. * represents statistically significant difference at P < 0.05 using the Student’s t-test by GraphPad Prism v.6

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