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Table 1 Effects of the microbiota or of specific bacterial species/strains on Plasmodium infection in different Anopheles mosquitoes in chronological order

From: The tripartite interactions between the mosquito, its microbiota and Plasmodium

Mosquito Parasite Inhibition No inhibition Reference
An. stephensi (colony) P. falciparum Escherichia coli H243a; Pseudomonas aeruginosaa; Ewingella americanaa Staphylococcus aureusb; S. epidermidisb; E. coli HB101a [12]
An. stephensi (colony) P. falciparum E. coli HS5a; P. aeruginosaa; Serratia marcescensa; Xanthomonas malthophilaa; Cedecea lapageia   [67]
An. albimanus (colony) P. vivax S. marcescensa; Enterobacter cloacaea; Enterobacter amnigenus 2a   [4]
An. gambiaec (colony) P. falciparum Microbiota; Live and heat-inactivated mixture of S. aureusb + E. colia   [5]
An. gambiaed, An. coluzzii (colonies) P. berghei S. aureusb; E. colia; E. cloacaea   [15]
An. gambiaec, An. stephensi (colonies) P. falciparum Enterobacter sp. Zambiaa Bacillus pumilus b [13]
An. gambiaed (colony) P. yoelii   Microbiota [68]
An. gambiaed (colony) P. falciparum Microbiota  
An. coluzzii (colony) P. falciparum E. colia; S. marcescensa; Pseudomonas sutzeria; Comamonas spp.a; Enterobacter spp.a; B. pumilusb Acinetobacter septicus a [69]
An. stephensi (colony) P. berghei S. marcescens HB3a S. marcescens HB18a [14]
An. dirus (colony) P. yoelii Microbiota   [19]
An. gambiaec (colony) P. falciparum Chromobacterium sp. Csp_Pa   [22]
An. gambiaec (colony) P. falciparum P. putidaa; Pantoea sp.a; S. marcescensa   [16]
An. gambiaee (from field larvae) P. falciparum Serratiaa; Methylobacteriuma   [3]
  1. aGram-negative bacteria
  2. bGram-positive bacteria
  3. cKeele strain, hybrid of An. gambiae and An. coluzzii
  4. dG3 strain, hybrid of An. gambiae and An. coluzzii
  5. eField-collected mosquitoes, not specified if An. gambiae or An. coluzzii