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Table 2 Assemblages of Giardia duodenalis and the distribution of bg, tpi and gdh sequences for each positive samples and multilocus characterization

From: First identification and multilocus genotyping of Giardia duodenalis in pet chipmunks (Eutamias asiaticus) in Sichuan Province, southwestern China

Chipmunk ID Assemblage GenBank ID MLG type (n)
bg tpi gdh
CD26, CD27 GI GI G MF671919, MF671914, MF671912 MLG G1 (2)
CD28 GI GII G MF671919, MF671913, MF671912 MLG G2 (1)
CD79 GII GII G MF671920, MF671913, MF671912 MLG G3 (1)
CD29, CD34, CD69 AI AV AI-1 MF671918, MF671915, MF671910 MLG A1 (3)
CD60, CD119 AI AI AI MF671918, MF671916, MF671911 MLG A2 (2)
CD61, CD96, CD124, CD144 AI-1 AV AI MF671917, MF671915, MF671911 MLG A3 (4)
CD64 AI AV AI MF671918, MF671915, MF671911 MLG A4 (1)
CD74, CD92, CD186 AI AI Neg MF671918, MF671916, –
CD81, CD203, CD211 GII Neg Neg MF671920, –, –
CD22, CD44, CD102 GI Neg G MF671919, –, MF671912
CD23 GI Neg Neg MF671919, –, –
  1. Abbreviations: Neg no genotype determined; – GenBank accession numbers not available