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Fig. 3

From: A novel Babesia orientalis 135-kilodalton spherical body protein like: identification of its secretion into cytoplasm of infected erythrocytes

Fig. 3

SDS-PAGE of expressed and purified rBoSBP3-like-1/-2/-3. Lane M: molecular weight marker; Lane 1, Lane 3 and Lane 5: lysate of un-induced plasmids pET-28a-BoSBP3-like-1/-2/-3; Lane 2, Lane 4 and Lane 6: lysate of IPTG induced pET-28a-BoSBP3-like-1/-2/-3; Lane 7, Lane 8 and Lane 9: purified rBoSBP3-like-1/-2/-3. The corresponding bands are indicated by arrows

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