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Table 3 “Candidatus Rickettsia” spp. in Europe

From: Neglected aspects of tick-borne rickettsioses

Ca. Rickettsia” spp. Associated arthropod or source Country of the first identification Reference Associated human disease Reference of associated disease
Ca. R. tarasevichiae” Ixodes persulcatus Russia [132] Ca. R.tarasevichiae” infection [133]
Ca. R. kotlanii” Ixodes spp. Hungary [134]
Ca. R. barbariae” Rhipicephalus turanicus Italy [135]
Ca. R. rioja” Dermacentor marginatus Spain [67] DEBONEL/TIBOLA [68]
Ca. R. siciliensis” Rhipicephalus turanicus Italy [136]
Ca. R. uralica” Ixodes trianguliceps Russia [137]
Ca. R. mendelii” Ixodes ricinus Czech Republic [138]