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Table 5 Strains of Rickettsia spp. (without Candidatus status)

From: Neglected aspects of tick-borne rickettsioses

Rickettsia sp. strain Associated arthropod or source Country of the first identification Reference of the first identification Associated human disease Reference of associated disease
Rickettsia sp. strain Uilenbergi Amblyomma tholloni Central African Republic [69]
Rickettsia sp. Atlantic rain forest Amblyomma ovale
Rhipicephalus sanguineus
Brazil [156] Unnamed [157]
Rickettsia sp. strain Pampulha Amblyomma dubitatum Brazil [158]
Rickettsia sp. strain colombianensi Amblyomma dissimile Colombia [159]
Rickettsia sp.- novel isolate Ixodes ricinus Czech Republic [160]
Rickettsia sp. strain Tselenti Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum
Rhipicephalus turanicus
Cyprus [161]
Rickettsia sp. strain IbR/CRC Ixodes boliviensis Costa Rica [162]