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Fig. 1

From: Phylogenetic relationships, stage-specific expression and localisation of a unique family of inactive cysteine proteases in Sarcoptes scabiei

Fig. 1

In silico analysis of HDM groupĀ 1 allergens, Sar s 1 a-e and SMIPP-C a-e. CLUSTAL O (1.2.0) alignment of the protein sequences of HDM group 1 allergens and the scabies mite homologs Sar s 1 a-e and SMIPP-C a-e. The signal sequences are printed in grey and the pro-peptide regions in italic. Conserved residues and the residues important for catalytic activity and specificity are highlighted in colour as indicated. Predicted disulfide bonds and glycosylation sites are indicated by pentagon and star symbols, respectively

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