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Fig. 3

From: Phylogenetic relationships, stage-specific expression and localisation of a unique family of inactive cysteine proteases in Sarcoptes scabiei

Fig. 3

Specificity of mouse sera against recombinantly expressed and affinity purified SMIPP-Ca, SMIPP-Cc and SMIPP-Ce. Coomassie blue R-250 stained SDS PAGE (a) and western blots using antibodies against SMIPP-Ca (b), SMIPP-Cc (c) and SMIPP-Ce (d) recombinant proteins. Lane 1: protein marker; Lane 2: SMIPP-Ca; Lane 3: SMIPP-Cc; Lane 4: SMIPP-Ce; Lane 5: Sar s 1c recombinant proteins. Predicted molecular weights of SMIPP-Ca, SMIPP-Cc, SMIPP-Ce and Sar s 1c are 36.16 kDa, 37.24 kDa, 36.46 kDa and 34.73 kDa, respectively

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