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Table 2 Target site mutation frequencies (kdr and Ace-1) in the experimental hut station in Covè, Benin

From: Efficacy of a novel mode of action of an indoor residual spraying product, SumiShield® 50WG against susceptible and resistant populations of Anopheles gambiae (s.l.) in Benin, West Africa

No. tested kdr mutation Ace-1 mutation
  RR RS SS F (kdr) RR RS SS F (Ace-1)
30 27 3 0 0.95 0 2 28 0.03
  1. Abbreviations: RR homozygote resistant, RSheterozygote resistant, SS homozygote susceptible, F (kdr) frequency of kdr mutations, F (Ace-1) frequency of Ace-1 mutations