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Table 1 Diseases, and corresponding diagnostic methods, detected in the serum samples

From: ELISA based on a recombinant Paragonimus heterotremus protein for serodiagnosis of human paragonimiasis in Thailand

Group Diseases No. of serum samples Diagnostic methods
A Paragonimiasis heterotremus 29 Worm and egg detection, serum samples collected for over 25 years, patients resided in 2 endemic provinces of P. heterotremus in the central Thailand where metacercariae from crabs were identified by PCR a few years ago
Paragonimiasis pseudoheterotremus 3 Eggs in feces and PCR (1 case), immunoblot detection and PCR for detection of metacercariae from crabs (2 cases). Patients resided along Thai-Myanmar border
Paragonimiasis westermani 4 Serum samples were supported by Korean researcher
Total 36  
B Gnathostomiasis 10 Worm and immunoblot detection
Strongyloidiasis 10 Larva detection
Hookworm infection 10 Egg detection
Trichinellosis 10 Larva and immunoblot detection
Capillariasis 3 Egg, larva, adult worm detection
Toxocariasis 10 Immunoblot
Angiostrongyliasis 10 Worm detection, immunoblot
Ascariasis 6 Egg and worm detection
Trichuriasis 9 Egg and worm detection
Trichostrongyliasis 10 Egg detection
Bancroftian filariasis 10 Microfilariae detection
Enterobiasis 4 Egg and worm detection
Brugian filariasis 10 Microfilariae detection
Brugian filariasis 10 ELISA using recombinant antigen
Dirofilariasis 2 Worm detection
Neurocysticercosis 11 Cyst detection, immunoblot
Sparganosis 6 Sparganum detection
Taeniasis 13 Egg or segments (T. solium or T. saginata)
Echinococcosis 3 Protoscolices detection
Hymenolepiasis nana 5 Egg detection
Hymenolepiasis diminuta 1 Egg detection
Opisthorchiasis 10 Worm detection
Echinostomiasis malayanum 1 Egg detection and PCR
Fascioliasis 3 Egg detection, immunoblot
Minute intestinal flukes infections 10 Worm detection
Creeping eruption 3 Symptoms, negative for strongyloidiasis and gnathostomiasis
Entamebiasis 4 Cyst detection
Giardiasis 3 Cyst detection
Blastocyctis hominis infection 3 Cyst detection
Falciparum malaria 5 Blood stage detection
Vivax malaria 5 Blood stage detection
Tuberculosis 5 Acid fast stained Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Total 215  
C Healthy serum 30 Negative ELISA using ten kinds of antigens and fecal examinations
Total 30  
  1. Key: Group A, paragonimiases; group B, heterologous infections; group C, healthy controls