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Fig. 3

From: Competence of mosquitoes native to the United Kingdom to support replication and transmission of Rift Valley fever virus

Fig. 3

Percentage of mosquitoes infected with Rift Valley fever virus. Mosquitoes were fed a blood-meal containing 106 or 107 PFU/ml Rift Valley fever virus strain Lunyo or ZH501 and maintained at 20 or 25 °C. Results are based on the proportion of mosquitoes positive for RVFV by qRT-PCR results. Day 0 was excluded from the totals. Numbers below bars represent the total number tested; error bars indicate 95% confidence intervals calculated by a modified Wald method. Fisher’s exact test was used to compare between time points, doses and virus strains using a Bonferroni-corrected threshold for multiple comparisons; comparisons between mosquito species are depicted by dotted bars, and comparison of doses by solid bars. Abbreviations: nt, not tested; CBK, Cx. pipiens (Caldbeck); BKW, Cx. pipiens (Brookwood); Ae.d, Ae. detritus; Ae.r, Ae. rusticus

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