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Table 2 Summary of vector competence experiments performed. The infectious viral titres within the blood meal offered to mosquitoes are written in plaque forming units/ml (PFU)

From: Competence of mosquitoes native to the United Kingdom to support replication and transmission of Rift Valley fever virus

Mosquito species 106 PFU 107 PFU
ZH501 Lunyo ZH501 Lunyo
Cx. pipiens (Caldbeck colony)
25 °C 25 °C
Cx. pipiens (Brookwood colony)
25 °C 25 °C 25 °C
Ae. detritus (Wild-caught)
20 °C 25 °C 20°C 25 °C 20 °C 20 °C
Ae. rusticus (Wild-caught)
25 °C 20 °C
  1. Vector competence experiment was performed under the conditions listed with the incubation temperature written below
  2. – denotes experiment condition not tested