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Table 1 Cross-validation classification for Ae. albifasciatus from discriminant analysis of pairs (by populations and sexes)

From: Wing morphometrics of Aedes (Ochlerotatus) albifasciatus (Macquart, 1838) (Diptera: Culicidae) from different climatic regions of Argentina

Proportion of misclassification
Groups compared BsAs F Sar F BsAs M Sar M
Geographical variation
 BsAs F - Sar F 9/36 9/43   
 BsAs M - Sar M    8/24 9/32
Sexual dimorphism
 BsAs F- BsAs M 0/36   0/24  
 Sar F - Sar M   0/43   0/32
  1. Abbreviations: BsAs F Buenos Aires females, BsAs M Buenos Aires males, Sar F Sarmiento females, Sar M Sarmiento males