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Fig. 1

From: Development of a rapid field-applicable molecular diagnostic for knockdown resistance (kdr) markers in An. gambiae

Fig. 1

Detection of kdr SNPs by melt curve analysis. Alleles are characterised by the melting temperature at which the probe dissociates from its complementary strand located within the target amplicon, producing a drop in fluorescence, which is then automatically converted into a peak by the Genedrive software using the First Order Derivative (FOD). Mean Tm (°C) for each genotype using extracted DNA ± 95% CI; L/L (53.4 ± 0.17), L/F (58.5 ± 0.22), L/S (50.8 ± 0.25), N/N (51.8 ± 0.06) and N/Y (56 ± 0.09)

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