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Fig. 3

From: A new Aura virus isolate in Brazil shows segment duplication in the variable region of the nsP3 gene

Fig. 3

Phylogenetic analysis based on the alignment of the nucleotide sequences of the alphavirus concatenated ORFs. Segments of the nsP3 and C were excluded for not presenting reliable alignments. The tree was inferred using the MrBayes (v.3.2.6) software and is based on the general time reversible model with gamma-distributed rate variation and a proportion of invariable sites (GTR+I+G). The numbers shown to the right of the nodes represent posterior probabilities. Representatives from all species of alphaviruses have been included, except for the WEEV complex. The tree was midpoint rooted, and the sequence of the new isolate is highlighted in the black box (MG761767/AURAV BR/P05). Strains were labeled according to GenBank accession number/abbreviation, and the bar indicates nucleotide substitutions per site. Further details on the dataset used for phylogenetic analysis can be accessed in Additional file 1: Table S3

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