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Fig. 4

From: Whole body transcriptomes and new insights into the biology of the tick Ixodes ricinus

Fig. 4

Condition-dependent expression of genes that contain a chitin-binding domain (PFAM domain PF00379). The first three rows above the heat map indicate the sex, seeding treatment and stage condition of the I. ricinus ticks in each of the 15 libraries (columns A to O), according to a color legend detailed on the left. Each row of the heat map corresponds to a different gene (contig). Colors of the cells represent the level of expression (log(“raw-count”+1)) of the gene in each library (counted by Kallisto). The legend on the right shows the position of the signal peptide domain and of the chitin-binding domain on the coding sequence of the transcript (CDS). Best-hit UNIPROT names are indicated for genes with more than 90% protein identity

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