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Fig. 6

From: Whole body transcriptomes and new insights into the biology of the tick Ixodes ricinus

Fig. 6

Results of the factorial component analysis (FCA). The FCA explored how six sources of material (from different RNAseq datasets) of I. ricinus differ based on the heterozygosity of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) loci. The different sources are: wild ticks from the Czech Republic (CZ-W); wild ticks from a commercial strain (LUX); wild ticks from Sénart, France (SEN); a cell line (CL); a first generation of full sibs (CZ-F1); and a laboratory strain (NEU). The variables correspond to heterozygosity at the 3866 selected SNPs. a The eigenvalue (percentages of variation or inertia) explained by each eigenvector (axes). b The 6 sources on the plane formed by the first two axes. c The plane formed by axes 1 and 3. d The plane formed by axes 2 and 3

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