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Table 1 Antigens that showed significant IgM response at day 10 in mice infected with oocysts

From: Discovery of new Toxoplasma gondii antigenic proteins using a high throughput protein microarray approach screening sera of murine model infected orally with oocysts and tissue cysts

Rank a Gene ID_exon Description Benjamini-Hochberg corrected P-value (d0 vs d10)
1 TGME49_075440_1 Granule antigen protein GRA6 P < 0.0001
2 TGME49_054720_1 Dense granule protein GRA8 P < 0.0001
3 TGME49_109590_1 Rhoptry protein 1 P = 0.0007
4 TGME49_086450_1 Dense granule protein 5 precursor P = 0.0131
5 TGME49_027280_1 Dense granule protein GRA3 P = 0.0077
6 TGME49_016630_7 Trigger factor protein, putative P = 0.0183
  1. aBased on average signal value, as per Figs. 1 and 2