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Table 1 Details of information about general and pig information

From: The epidemiology of porcine Taenia solium cysticercosis in communities of the Central Highlands in Vietnam

Requesting information Detail
General information Address of house; number of people per household; presence and type and location of toilet; number of livestock per household; vegetables and crops management (source of water for irrigation, kind of manure for vegetables and crops); coordinate of household, pigsty, toilet and vegetable patch; elevation of household; number of dogs; location of defecation for dogs; efforts to disinfect dog’s faeces; observation of Taenia proglottids in dog’s faeces
Pig information
 Demography Sex; age; breed; number of pigs
 Husbandry management The presence and location of pigsty; whether pig confined or free-roaming; roaming range of pigs; whether pigs eat human faeces; whether pigs have access to human defecation area
 Diet management Drinking water sources for pigs, kind of food for pigs (commercial or handmade bran, scavenging), feeding raw vegetables to pigs or not, vegetables washed before feeding pigs