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Table 3 Faecal egg count and adult parasite burden at post-mortem for six Fasciola hepatica clonal isolates. Two sheep were infected for each clonal isolate, patency of infection was confirmed by faecal egg count (FEC), expressed as eggs per gram (epg). One sheep from each pair was treated with 10mg/kg triclabendazole, the other sheep was left untreated. After 10 days all sheep were euthanised and adult liver fluke were enumerated post-mortem

From: Clonal amplification of Fasciola hepatica in Galba truncatula: within and between isolate variation of triclabendazole-susceptible and -resistant clones

Clonal isolate FEC (epg) on day of treatment Number of adult liver flukes present post-mortem
FhLivR1 381 137 165 70
FhLivR2 324 50 48 31
FhLivR3a 186 35
FhLivS1 6 2 0 15
FhLivS2 146 57 0 127
FhLivS3 89 73 0 113
  1. aFhLivR3, one sheep (TCBZ-) had to be euthanized for non-fluke related illness during the course of the experiment
  2. Abbreviations: epg eggs per gram, FEC faecal egg count; TCBZ+, treatment with 10 mg/kg triclabendazole; TCBZ-, no treatment with 10 mg/kg triclabendazole