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Table 2 Information about the isolated bacteria: colony codes of the isolated Asaia bacteria, Anopheles spp. from which bacteria were isolated, their collection sites and the accession numbers of the 16S rRNA gene sequence of the isolated Asaia species

From: Isolation and identification of Asaia sp. in Anopheles spp. mosquitoes collected from Iranian malaria settings: steps toward applying paratransgenic tools against malaria

Colony code Anopheles spp. Collection site GenBank ID
Colony13 An .stephensi Bandar-Abbas KU529464
Colony31 An .stephensi Chabahar KU529465
Colony33 An. maculipennis Mazandaran KU529466
colony41 An. superpictus Kazerun KU529467
colony57 An. fluviatilis Kazerun KU529468
colony95 An. dthali Bandar-Abbas KU529469