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Table 2 Information on the nucleic acid samples used for clinical sample detection

From: Establishment and optimization of a liquid bead array for the simultaneous detection of ten insect-borne pathogens

Sampling area Sample category Sample number Month
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Mosquitoes 350 June-July
Ticks 200 April-June
Midges 230 June-July
Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region Ticks 270 April-June
Mosquitoes 300 June-July
Yunnan Province Mosquitoes 320 May-August
Midges 200 June-September
Heilongjiang Province Mosquitoes 290 June-August
Ticks 100 April-June
Midges 220 June-July
Guangdong Province Mosquitoes 300 March-June
Midges 220 May-September
Total   3000