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Table 1 Physical characteristics and percentage yield of essential oils extracted from three plant species

From: Synergy in the adulticidal efficacy of essential oils for the improvement of permethrin toxicity against Aedes aegypti L. (Diptera: Culicidae)

Family/species Common name Voucher specimen Part used Physical characteristics Yield (%)
Color Density (g/ml)
Cyperus rotundus Nut grass PARA-CY-001-Rh/3 Rhizome Pale yellow 0.96 0.15
Alpinia galanga var. galanga Galanga PARA-AL-001-Rh/3 Rhizome Pale yellow 0.89 0.27
Cinnamomum verum Ceylon cinnamon PARA-CI-007-Ba/3 Bark Pale yellow 1.02 0.54