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Table 3 PCR testing of larval specimens for their identity in the sibling species of the Anopheles gambiae complex and An. funestus group

From: Efficacy and persistence of long-lasting microbial larvicides against malaria vectors in western Kenya highlands

Malaria vector No. tested PCR positivea Sibling species identified Total (%)
An. gambiae complex 366 305 An. gambiae (s.s.) 216 (70.8)
An. arabiensis 89 (29.2)
An. funestus group 237 174 An. funestus (s.s.) 128 (73.6)
An. leesoni 46 (26.4)
  1. a61 (16.7%) and 63 (26.6%) specimens identified morphologically as An. gambiae complex and An. funestus group, respectively, did not amplify