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Table 1 Parameters used in the VC calculation. Parameters sourced from Mordecai et al. [30] were mathematically estimated at a constant temperature of 27 °C, the temperature at which our adult mosquitoes were housed. Parameters that included carry-over effects are starred

From: Carry-over effects of urban larval environments on the transmission potential of dengue-2 virus

Parameter Definition Source Mean (Range)a
a(T) Per-mosquito bite rate Mordecai et al. [30] 0.294 (-)
b(T)c(T)* Vector competence Present study 0.107 (0–0.353)
μ(T) Adult mosquito mortality rate Mordecai et al. [30] 0.011 (-)
EIR(T) Extrinsic incubation rate (inverse of extrinsic incubation period) Mordecai et al. [30] 0.196 (-)
EFD(T)* No. of eggs produced per female mosquito per day Present study 18.678 (15.260–22.800)
pEA(T) Egg-to-adult survival probability Present study 0.485 (0.090–0.775)
MDR(T) Larval development rate Present study 0.056 (0.027–0.087)
  1. aMean and range are shown for each parameter, except for those calculated at a constant adult environmental temperature which did not change