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Table 4 Prevalence (%) of helminths in red foxes in different regions of Poland: comparison of SCT and flotation results

From: Prevalence of intestinal helminths of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in central Europe (Poland): a significant zoonotic threat

Region Trematoda Taeniidae Mesocestoides spp. Toxocara/ Toxascaris Hookworms Trichuris vulpis
SCT Flot. SCT Flot. SCT Flot. SCT Flot. SCT Flot. SCT Flot.
Total (n = 344) 67.2a 43.3a 57.3a 11.3a 82.8a 3.5a 43.0a 29.9a 67.7a 15.4a 2.9 1.7
SoE (n = 140) 24.3a 7.9 a 56.4a 14.3a 91.4a 2.1a 42.1a 28.6a 64.3a 10.0a 1.4 0.7
N (n = 92) 97.8a 62.0a 51.1a 2.2a 81.5a 6.5a 46.7a 22.8a 72.8a 30.4a 5.4 4.3
NoE (n = 112) 95.5a 72.3a 63.4a 15.2a 73.2a 2.7a 41.1a 37.5a 67.9a 9.8a 2.7 0.9
| r |b 0.984 0.857 0.175 0.888 0.903 0.962
  1. aThere are significant differences between the prevalence estimated using SCT and flotation
  2. bAbsolute value of the correlation factor concerning the results obtained in individual regions with both methods (SCT and flotation)
  3. Abbreviations: SCT sedimentation and counting technique, Flot. flotation method, N North region, NoE North-East region, SoE South-East region