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Table 5 Profile of MDA study non-compliance and recommendations to increase treatment uptake

From: Mass drug administration and the sustainable control of schistosomiasis: an evaluation of treatment compliance in the rural Philippines

Profile of MDA non-compliant Recommendations
Female • Clearly define and list down the inclusion and exclusion criteria for MDA, based on WHO recommendations and recent published studies on the safety of praziquantel for pregnant women. Pregnant and lactating women should be included in the eligible population for MDA
• This information should be given to those in the frontline of MDA implementation like the doctors, nurses, and community volunteers, as well as to the people in the community
Younger (18–30) age group • Schedule MDA activities at a time that would cause the least disturbance in the work or school activities of the students
Non-compliant in previous MDA • Should be targeted for intensive health education
Uninformed about MDA activities • Inform the community about MDA schedule at least a week before the treatment day
• In addition to the use of the public address system, the Barangay (Village) Health Workers and/or Officials should visit each household to inform them of the MDA schedule.
Has not heard of schistosomiasis • A health education program that is designed not only to give out information about schistosomiasis and MDA, but also to correct the misconceptions that are prevailing in the population
Has no knowledge or misconceptions about:
disease transmission
disease prevention
disease treatment