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Table 2 Parameters used in the Ross-Macdonald transmission calculations

From: Modelling the impact of insecticide-based control interventions on the evolution of insecticide resistance and disease transmission

Symbol Meaning Default value
m Mosquito density, i.e. number of adult female mosquitoes per human host 110
a Mosquito biting rate on humans 0.25
b 1 Probability a bite from an infectious mosquito transmits malaria to susceptible humans 0.5
b 2 Probability a susceptible mosquito acquires a malaria infection when biting an infectious human 0.15
r Rate at which humans recover from a malaria infection 0.01
  1. Note that mosquito density, m, is a relatively large number of adult females per host and thus represents an area of high malaria transmission; see Additional file 3 for more information