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Table 4 Summary of infection and potential transmission of West Nile virus lineage 4c and Alphamesonivirus 1 by Uranotaenia unguiculata mosquitoes

From: Uranotaenia unguiculata Edwards, 1913 are attracted to sound, feed on amphibians, and are infected with multiple viruses

Virus Samplea Total Poolsb Positive poolsc
West Nile virus Body 362 44 9
Legs and wings 225 39 6
Honey card - 9 1
Alphamesonivirus 1 Body 362 38 3
Legs and wings 11 11 2
Honey card - 9 3
  1. aMosquitoes were provided a 25% honey solution on Whatman® FTA® cards, then dissected, removing legs and wings from the body
  2. bLegs and wings were stored separately from body, and samples were pooled into tubes of 2–50 (bodies) or 1–10 (legs and wings). Each honey card sampled between 20-50 mosquitoes
  3. cPools were tested for the presence of virus by RT-PCR