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Fig. 1

From: Molecular evidence of Rickettsia raoultii, “Candidatus Rickettsia barbariae” and a novel Babesia genotype in marbled polecats (Vormela peregusna) at the China-Kazakhstan border

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic tree of the 17-kDa (393 bp) - ompA (443 bp) - sca1 (553 bp) concatenated sequences for “Candidatus Rickettsia barbariae” (indicated by a square) and R. raoultii (indicated by a diamond) from the marbled polecat obtained in this study, and sequences for Rickettsia species retrieved from the GenBank database. The tree was constructed using the neighbour-joining method (NJ; 1000 bootstrap replicates) and maximum-likelihood (ML; 1000 bootstrap replicates) analyses using MEGA6. The scale-bar represents the inferred substitutions per nucleotide site. The relative support for clades in the tree was produced from the NJ and ML analyses

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