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Table 7 Diversity, frequency, and molecular features of Giardia duodenalis sequences at gdh and bg loci obtained in the children population under study, Paranaguá, Paraná, Brazil, 2015–2016

From: Prevalence of intestinal parasites, with emphasis on the molecular epidemiology of Giardia duodenalis and Blastocystis sp., in the Paranaguá Bay, Brazil: a community survey

Locus Assemblage Sub-assemblage No. of isolates Reference sequence Stretch Single nucleotide polymorphisms GenBank ID
gdh A AII 17 L40510 78–481 None MG807884
AII 1 L40510 78–481 C310Y MG807885
B BIII 1 AF069059 40–460 C171Y, T456Y MG807886
1 AF069059 43–460 C309T, T456Y MG807887
BIV 2 L40508 76–447 None MG807888
1 L40508 76–496 G84R, G156R, T183Y, G294R, C345Y, T387Y, C432Y, G453R MG807889
1 L40508 76–491 G93A, C123T, T135C, C273T MG807890
4 L40508 80–476 G180A MG807891
1 L40508 76–447 T183C, T387C, C432T MG807892
BIII/BIV 1 L40508 80–485 T135Y, T183Y, G186R, C255Y, C273Y, C345Y, T366Y, C372Y, T387C, C396Y, C423Y, A438R
1 L40508 80–485 T183Y, C255Y, C273Y, T366Y, T387C, C396T, C423Y, A438R
1 L40508 80–480 T135Y, T183Y, C255Y, C273Y, G334R, C345Y, T366Y, T387C, C396Y, A438R
1 L40508 78–482 C123Y, T135Y, T183C, G186R, C255Y, C273Y, C345Y, T366Y, C372Y, T387C, A438R, T462Y MG807893
1 L40508 80–485 T135Y, C192Y, C255Y, C258Y, C273Y, C345Y, T366Y, C372Y, T387Y, A438R, T462Y
bg A AII 6 AY072723 102–590 None MG807893
1 AY072723 102–589 224delA MG807895
1 AY072723 102–603 G277R MG807896
1 AY072723 127–586 T469Y MG807897
AIII 1 AY072724 102–590 G322Aa, A457Gb, A463Gc MG807898
B 1 AY072727 105–590 None MG807899
1 AY072727 103–590 T209Y MG807900
  1 AY072727 102–590 C309T, T519Y, C564Y, C567Y MG807901
  1. Novel genotypes are underlined. Point mutations inducing amino acid substitutions are indicated with superscript letters indicating the amino acid change
  2. R: A/G; Y: C/T
  3. ap. D108N
  4. bp. R153G
  5. cp. K155E